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Dear Friend,

 If you’re looking to launch an eBook that sells and you’re wondering how to get started without backing out, here is my sincere advice:

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Here’s why.

Research has it that…

 About 75% people who bought books or online courses abandoned it half way and never complete it or use what they learn to achieve results. 75% give up or abandoned the book or the online course.  

What a total waste of money, time and resources!

A challenge will get the job done where online courses or books may be dragging.

The 30-Day Challenge is the Fastest way to achieve this dream for you!

No giving up!

No stopping!

No abandonment!

Before I dive into details.

…Let Me Share My Journey With You

As a working mum with kids, my monthly income is no longer enough to take care of my needs, I began a quest to earn extra income to take care of my ever-increasing bills. So, I decided to find out how people are making legitimate money online without quitting their jobs.

I began to buy courses and signed up for coaching programs but after some time I found out that I was just swimming in the ocean of information with no exact steps on what to do next.

Until I was able to figure it all out after investing huge amounts of money on online courses and coaching programs to discover the hacks you’ll have access to in this 30-Day Challenge.

I discovered creating a premium digital product is one of the best ways to earn a passive income from six figures if you have the secrets, strategies and hacks. 

The truth is…

Not every jack and harry creating digital products are cashing out. 

So sad huh…

But Why?

Because there are STRATEGIES, HACKS and SECRETS not known to many authors coaches and course creators.

It took me huge amounts of money and resilient to discovered all there is. And I promise to help working mums that are ready to start making extra income with my secrets findings.

That’s why I decided to help other women who are looking for an honest way of growing a profitable business online without going through the very long route as I did, and without wasting much time and money.

Brand It Income 30-Day Challenge is the complete program with all the secret, strategies and hacks is all you need to launch a bestselling eBook.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Right Now, you’re probably thinking: How’s Brand It Income Challenge different from others out there? and Why should you believe or listen to me?

I know there are similar program (because nothing is really new under the sun) but NONE  of the other programs are like Brand It Income Challenge

I can guarantee that!

And you should believe me because…

I have found the strategies, hacks and secrets of cashing out from digital products that’s working wonders for me.

This is my simple walk-through on how to create and launch a bestselling eBook you can cash out from before you finished creating.

Brand It income Challenge is a complete program put together to help you not just create an eBook that will be stored in your google drive or collecting dust on payment page without a single click to buy.

I have taken everything I have learned, refined in the last 3 years and I have put them into my brand new “tell-all” challenge to show you the practical required daily step by step to launch a bestselling eBook in 30 days.

Inside this 30-day income challenge, you’ll learn everything, all my strategies, hacks and secrets, nothing is left out.

Here are some of what’s in the Brand It Income Challenge for you (You won't find this same package anywhere)

Is that all? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I guess you might be thinking… 🤔🤔🤔

Of course that’s not all.

I have got some extra bonus under my sleeves to make sure you cash out no matter the matter.

I can’t bear to see you not making 6 figures in your first launch. That’s why I paid an expert to design marketing hacks to help you cash out before you finish creating. And that’s not even all.

I’m working along with you from day 1 to day 30 to correct, enlighten, teach, guide and support you so that you can  deliver the result I will be bragging about in my next launch.

The truth is, I have gone the extra mile and share all proven strategies and secrets that experts are using to cash out from digital products to help you make money from this income challenge.

Believe me when I say I have given it my all.

If you know it’s your dream to launch a bestselling eBook, this is the best and complete program that can make it a reality for you – trust me completely!

You missed it, you miss a golden opportunity you might not find anywhere again.

I’m not over-hyping, I’m telling you the truth 100% as a result of what is packaged in this income challenge.

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Let me show you what the outcome will look like for you after participating in this income challenge

This may likely happen if you ignore and refused to take this one-time offer

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Are You Worried No One Will Buy or You Won't Make Six Figures In Your First Launch

I can relate…

This feeling is normal. 

But here’s my promise and guarantee for you…

If you don’t sell out after implementing the hacks, strategies and secrets I will share with you in the challenge I will gladly refund your money.


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Let's Make a Deal Here (Refund Policy)

I know you might be skeptical because there are many acclaimed experts who over-promise and under-deliver. But I hope you can see that I am here to genuinely help you to create and launch a bestselling eBook.

The only way to fail when you are committed to implementing is to lack the right strategies, get stuck and give up, so I’m here to give you the right strategies and support you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So, to help you see that this Income Challenge is legitimate, I’d like make you this deal…

Isn’t this amazing? What you’ll learn can make you more money than the amount of time and money you will invest in this income challenge.

To qualify for a refund, it is only fair that you need to just do these 4 things:

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Me!

I have worked with Bridget for the past one year plus on various projects and I know her to be a powerhouse for helping female entrepreneurs to builds profitable businesses online. What I enjoy most about Bridget is her ability to break very complex strategies down into easily implementable ones. I highly recommend her to women who are ready to take their ideas to the next level.
Ethel Ossai
I have followed trainers in the past that told me what to do...But Bridget shows you the exact steps you need to achieve your result, which is easier for you to understand and implement even if you are a complete newbie, you got this.
Mogold Beauty


  • Is for you if you want to create an eBook that sells.
  • Is for you if you want to start making six figure from digital products.
  • Is for any freelancer that wants to monetize his/her knowledge.
  • Is for an mum that wants to start earning beyond 5-9 job.
  • Is for any expert or professional that wants to solve a specific problem for a target audience.
  • Is for you if you want to maintain discipline and momentum to achieve the goal of creating an eBook that  sells.
  • Is for any newbies who is looking for a sure blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to make legitimately money online.
  •  Is for any established personal brand looking to create digital products that audience really wants 


  • It’s not for the unserious. 

  • It’s not for the fainthearted.

  • It’s not for anyone who isn’t ready to put in the work with the easy steps I packaged in the program.

  • You are lazy and can not do anything or take advice that can help you make money online

  • If you are looking for a get-rich quick scheme without required hard-work.

  • If you want to invest 50,000 in God knows what and make double or triple the amount in 30 minutes, please look elsewhere as this is strictly not for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete newbie online, will I be able to cash out if I participate in the 30-day challenge?

Yes, this challenge is so simplified that even a 10-year-old will comprehend and achieve the outcome.

Can I pay in installment?

Yes, you can pay in installment but you have to complete the payment by day 15 of the 30-day challenge?

How many hours in a day do I need to be online to be able to participate in this 30-day challenge?

You can work at your own pace and do daily tasks when it's most convenient for you. The most important thing is do the tasks daily.

What if I miss a day or more?

It is advisable you implement each task daily, but if you miss any task, you work extra on a free day like weekend to meet up and implement it so that you can be on the same page with everyone in the challenge.

Meet Instructor Bridget Owabie

Hi, I’m Bridget Ibuchim-Owabie

I’m a 9-5 job professional mum who runs a successful online business brand. Having discovered the most profitable online automated money-machine that makes you money without ditching your 9-5 job myself, I’m on a mission to help moms like me to build a thriving online business brand that generates from six figures with my various programs.

This Brand It Income 30-Day Challenge is one of my signature programs to empower you to start making six figures with what you have. My utmost joy is to see you earning beyond your monthly income. Enough of struggling to pay your bills or depending on your hubby, uncles or aunties before doing things for yourself and love ones.

I will be super excited to see you inside the Brand It Income 30-Day Challenge where I will be sharing strategies, secrets and hacks that will help you to start cashing out.

See you on the inside.

I care.

Lots of love 💕

Early Bird Discount – Save 50% Off – Discount disappear in

Sorry you missed the discount price!

Time Is Of Essence

Here’s why…

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So, act fast. Secure your slot now!

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