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Are you a newbie yearning to build a thriving personal brand and transform your online presence into a lucrative venture?

Are you struggling to give your personal brand the boost it deserves? Feeling lost in the digital noise, unsure of how to stand out and monetize your online presence? You’re not alone. I was once in your shoes before and many individuals face the same challenges when it comes to building a profitable personal brand.

Dear Friend,

The consequences of neglecting your personal brand can be significant. Missed opportunities, unrealized potential, and the frustration of seeing others succeed while you’re left behind. Imagine the impact on your life, both personally and professionally, if you continue down the path of obscurity.

 If you’re looking to build a brand new profitable personal brand or relaunch your existing personal brand and you’re wondering how to get started without backing out, here is my sincere advice:

Join a Challenge to get it done!!!

Here’s why.

Research has it that…

 About 75% people who bought books or online courses abandoned it half way and never complete it or use what they learn to achieve results. 75% give up or abandoned the book or the online course.  

What a total waste of money, time and resources!

A challenge will get the job done where online courses or books may be dragging.

The 30-Day Challenge is the Fastest way to achieve this dream for you! It helps you to lay a solid foundation for building your personal and keep the momentum going. 

No giving up!

No stopping!

No abandonment!

Before I dive into details.

…Let Me Share My Journey With You

In 2020, I began my entrepreneurial journey as a complete beginner, struggling with clarity about my niche, target audience, and content creation. Feeling overwhelmed, I wondered if this journey was for someone like me.

The issue wasn’t me but the lack of a clear, beginner-friendly guide to building a profitable brand.

Recognizing that many coaches use complex language, I took it upon myself to simplify and create the Brand Me challenge. It’s designed for beginners, providing a strategy, community, and accountability support.

The truth is…

Not everyone posting daily is building a profitable personal brand.

So sad huh…

But Why?

Because there are STRATEGIES, HACKS and SECRETS  known by few on how to build influence, impact and income with personal brand.

It took me huge amounts of money and resilient to discovered all there is. And I promise to help any newbies ready to scale online with my secrets findings.

That’s why I decided to a newbie like you without going through the very long route as I did, and without wasting much time and money.

Brand Me Challenge is the complete program with all the secret, strategies and hacks is all you need to launch a profitable personal brand.

Why Should You Believe Me?

Right Now, you’re probably thinking: How’s Brand Me Challenge different from others out there? and Why should you believe or listen to me?

I know there are similar program (because nothing is really new under the sun) but NONE  of the other programs are like Brand Me Challenge

I can guarantee that!

And you should believe me because…

I struggled as a newbie for a while but now I have discovered how it works.

This is my simple walk-through on how to build a profitable personal brand that help you to grow your influence, impact and income.

Brand Me Challenge is a complete program put together to help you to not just show up online but build a thriving personal brand you can monetize

I have taken everything I have learned, refined in the last 3 years and I have put them into my brand new “tell-all” challenge to show you the practical required daily step by step to launch a profitable personal brand in 30 days.

Inside this Brand Me challenge, you’ll learn everything, all my strategies, hacks and secrets, nothing is left out.

Here are some of what’s in the Brand Me Challenge for you (You won't find this same package anywhere)

Is that all? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I guess you might be thinking… 🤔🤔🤔

Of course that’s not all.

I have got some extra bonus under my sleeves to make sure you cash out no matter the matter.

This is will be a game changer for your brand. It’s not the normal ChatGPT that will give you generic answers. I’m talking about prompts that will revolutionize your business.  

These are content topic that will help you to gain visibility and more followers building influence and impact.

To build influence, impact and generate income, you need to get your customer avatar right and optimize your social media for visibility and I’m giving you all for free.

Believe me when I say I have given it my all.

If you know it’s your dream to build a profitable brand, this is the best and complete program that can make it a reality for you – trust me completely!

You missed it, you miss a golden opportunity you might not find anywhere again.

I’m not over-hyping, I’m telling you the truth 100% as a result of what is packaged in this income challenge.

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Now remember it’s not a must to jump on this offer…

…but I suggest you do

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So now it’s up to you to decide

– If you want to build a profitable brand that you can monetize

– If you want to lay your hands on the hacks, strategies and secrets

– Or if you actually choose to keep posting and posting without results.

The choice is all yours…say ‘yes’ or say ‘no’.

Let me show you what the outcome will look like for you after participating in this Brand Me challenge

✨ Craft an authentic  story that resonates.
✨Amplify your presence on social media.
✨ Land dream jobs, gigs, opportunities and collaborations.
✨ Build a powerful influence and impact
✨ Network effectively and expand your reach.
✨ Start monetizing your brand
✨ Build your KLT factor
Know✅ Like✅ Like✅

This may likely happen if you ignore and refused to take this one-time offer

Don’t let the digital current sweep you away. Ignoring this one-time offer risks being stuck in a sea of anonymity, watching golden opportunities, explosive growth, and a cascade of income potential disappear like vapor.

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Are You Worried if this is right for you?

I can relate…

This feeling is normal. 

But if you’re eager to build a standout personal brand, the Brand Me Challenge is crafted just for you. It’s not just guidance—it’s your turbocharged blueprint for digital success!

But here’s my promise and guarantee for you…

If after 5 days in the challenge you can’t feel the impact after implementing the hacks, strategies and secrets I will share with you in the challenge I will gladly refund your money.

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Let's Make a Deal Here (Refund Policy)

I know you might be skeptical because there are many acclaimed experts who over-promise and under-deliver. But I hope you can see that I am here to genuinely help you to create and build a profitable brand.

The only way to fail when you are committed to implementing is to lack the right strategies, get stuck and give up, so I’m here to give you the right strategies and support you need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So, to help you see that this Brand Me Challenge is legitimate, I’d like make you this deal…

Isn’t this amazing? What you’ll learn can make you more money than the amount of time and money you will invest in this Brand Me challenge.

To qualify for a refund, it is only fair that you need to just do these 4 things:

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About Brand Me Challenge!

The clarity I found from brand me challenge was priceless. I was Initially money-focused, but I learned the importance of defining my brand's purpose. Understanding brand voice stood out—I learned how to communicate effectively. The excitement and satisfaction are indescribable. This challenge surpassed all expectations, incredibly eye-opening. You're the ultimate solution for struggling brands.
Ruth Obasi
Virtual Assistant/Health Writer
Being part of the Brand Me challenge, I learned the basics of personal branding. Bridget was so obvious and helpful throughout the journey. The strategies she told me about writing content for my brand and social media handles were very insightful.
Sidra Abbas
Digital Marketer


  • Is for you if you want to build a personal brand that stands out.
  • Is for you if you want to growing your impact and influence.
  • Is for any freelancer that wants to monetize his/her knowledge.
  • Is for an mum that wants to start earning beyond 5-9 job.
  • Is for any expert or professional that wants to solve a specific problem for a target audience.
  • Is for you if you want to maintain discipline and momentum to achieve the goal of making money online.
  • Is for any newbies who is looking for a sure blueprint that shows you exactly what you need to do to make legitimately money online.
  •  Is for any established personal brand looking to scale online.


  • It’s not for the unserious. 

  • It’s not for the fainthearted.

  • It’s not for anyone who isn’t ready to put in the work with the easy steps I packaged in the program.

  • You are lazy and can not do anything or take advice that can help you make money online

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Brand Me Challenge is like your personal brand coach, guiding you through every thrilling step of your journey.

Can I pay in installment?

Yes, you can pay in installment but you have to complete the payment by day 15 of the 30-day challenge?

What if I don't see results?

And hey, I'm not just saying it - I'm guaranteeing it. If you don't feel the impact with 5 days, I'll give you a full refund. No hassle. No fuss.

How many time will it require each day?

I suggest spending 1-2 hours a day for the best results, and you can adjust it to fit your schedule. Easy, right?

What if I miss a day or more?

It is advisable you implement each task daily, but if you miss any task, you work extra on a free day like weekend to meet up and implement it so that you can be on the same page with everyone in the challenge.

Meet Instructor Bridget Owabie

Hi, I’m Bridget Ibuchim-Owabie

I’m a 9-5 job professional mum who runs a successful online personal brand. Having discovered the secrets of building a profitable personal brand myself, I’m on a mission to help newbies to build a thriving personal brand that helps you to build influence, impact and income.

This Brand Me Challenge is one of my signature programs to empower you to build a profitable personal brand. My utmost joy is to see you flourishing growing your influence, impact and income. Enough of posting and posting without seeing tangible and measurable results.

I will be super excited to see you inside the Brand Me 30-Day Challenge where I will be sharing strategies, secrets and hacks that will help you to grow your influence, impact and income.

See you on the inside.

I care.

Lots of love 💕

Early Bird Discount – Save 50% Off – Discount disappear in

Sorry you missed the discount price!

Time Is Of Essence

Here’s why…

The 50% discount expires in 72 hours and when it’s expired, you’ll never get it at this ridiculous price again. 

So, act fast. Secure your slot now!

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