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Osai Ethel
Osai EthelMedical Content Creator

Bridget and I connected on LinkedIn, and what drew me to her was her enthusiasm for working with entrepreneurs to establish successful brands.
We've worked together on numerous projects...
She exhibits zeal and endurance; you can tell she has the sweetest heart because of the way she talks about the challenging subjects.
Bridget is your go-to coach if you're looking for a mentor, an accountability partner, and someone who is engaged in your professional development.

MogoldDigital Marketer

I stumbled on one of Bridget’s posts on TikTok in my early days when I was struggling to create content for my brand.
I reached out to her and she patiently taught me the ABC of content creation and followed me up to make sure I implemented what she taught me, now I am confidently creating content for my brand and even teaching other startups.
If you are looking to master content creation for your brand, Bridget is the right person for you.


I know you are made for more. I believe in you! You too can build a flourishing online brand/business with what you have and where you are. I’ll will be glad to hold you by hands and make your profitable personal brand dream a reality.

Let’s do it together!

Brand It Income One-on-One Coaching

A strategic and clarity one-on-one 90 day coaching to position you get paid like an expert where you'll get required strategy to position yourself to attract premium clients and enjoy consistent income.

Brand It Income One-on-One Coaching

Brand It Income Challenge

A 30 Day Bootcamp to get you on the path to build a profitable brand that help you to go from a 9-5 mom-on-payroll to a thriving and profitable online brand/business,

Brand It Income Challenge

Brand It Income Exclusive Coaching

This is the group coaching that helps you to build a profitable personal brand, package your skills and sell with ease, getting solid supports that will help you to scale through and keep the momentum going.

Brand It Income Exclusive Coaching


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